The Story of Stuff

We’ve seen the link to this internet video before…a very informative way to spend 20 minutes of your time, learning about the “upstream” and “downstream” lives of our stuff.  It fits in well with the “Cradle to Cradle” concepts.

 The link below is an interview with the author of the video, and offers some insights into why and how she did it.

“Consuming Our Way to Unhappiness”

She totally reinforces the fact that stuff does not equate to happiness…a point Bill McKibben emphasizes in “Deep Economy”

 Anne N.


One Response to The Story of Stuff

  1. Kim McKeage says:

    This is a great video – I’m glad to see it referenced here. If you are interested in reading about anti-sweatshop, human/humanely produced clothing, check out my friends at — and keep up the wonderful blogging!

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