Greenopolis- Learn, Act, Rewards, Together!

We are about to see the  launch of Greenopolis, the interactive, collaborative and educational “green” community Web 2.0 site that Waste Management and other partners are developing. Although built by WM, it is open source- open to anyone who has something to contirbute and want to participate. The website focuses on bringing together individuals, communities, organizations and corporations to help people learn, partner and make incremental, positive environmental changes in their daily lives and communities.  Greenopolis is partnering with dozens, and eventually hundreds, maybe thousands of businesses, schools, non profits and governments to foster sustainable learning that leads to “green” behavior. Millions of incremental steps multiplied by millions of actors to really shift the game. 


The site is getting lots of visitors, members and positive blogging.

You can a part of it. You can check out the site at Meet Liv Greene, oiur AIM bot/avatar, and engage in the site any way you like. Antich and dozens of other centers for higher ed are taking part. You can contact me on the site- my username is Greenopollis Joe, and I really want your feedback and suggestions. We’ve got a short time to save a big planet. We all need to move now.




One Response to Greenopolis- Learn, Act, Rewards, Together!

  1. I had never seen the greenopolis site before. I had never seen the Earth911 site either. For a wide range of ideas and practical solutions to green issues they are great.They reminded me that Earth Day is coming up on 4/22- get active- get involved!

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