Fall 2011 – Blog#1

Brown’s approach to the adaptive challenges outlined within “Plan B 4.0” is very direct.  He certainly is not afraid to confront complex ecological system challenges associated with increased carbon emissions, rapidly growing global populations, poverty, and the reduced availability of earth’s natural resources such as fertile soils and water.  He clearly articulates the technical attributes of this challenge through the use of data and citing current events occurring around the world.  It is evident that Brown agrees with the hazards of collusion that Hiefetz discusses within Leading with an Open Heart.  The solution Brown presents with Plan B addresses the issues he presents and does not ignore the hard cultural and life style changes humanity will have to embrace in order sustain to itself.


In a discussion between Brown and Hiefetz, Hiefetz would likely emphasis to Brown the Five Challenges in Leading Adaptive Change; specifically, give the work back, and hold steady because these are the hardest of the five.  His point being when any one of us is confronted with a challenge we must become accountable for our actions; this is what makes adaptive challenge so difficult.  A leader must endure during this process because progress may be slow.  This is where Brown may struggle as an effective leader because of the sense of urgency he is advocating with Plan B.  The challenge is not only to build a new economy but to do it at wartime speed before we miss so many of nature’s deadlines that the economic system begins to unravel. (Brown, 2009)

Brown, L. (2009). Plan B 4.0 Moblilizing to Save Civilization. Earth Policy Institute.

Andrew Lacourciere MBA 2013


One Response to Fall 2011 – Blog#1

  1. pchandler725 says:

    Patience is very hard when we are faced with monumental challenges. Your points are insightful about how to balance urgency and patience.

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